The XUI Framework

XUI is a growing collection of user interface controls and helper modules & classes for the Xojo programming language. Each control has been handcrafted by one of Xojo’s longest and most public developers to be a delight to use. Let XUI turbo charge your desktop applications.

Why Use XUI?

Unencrypted Source Code

There are two versions of XUI – both identical in functionality but the professional version includes the full source code, completely unencrypted. You’re a developer so you should see how it all works after all.

API 2.0 Compliant

XUI was designed from the ground with Xojo best practices in mind. There is no legacy code or deprecation warnings in this framework!

Fair & Transparent Pricing

One payment gets you the entire framework and a year of updates with no lock in. Once the year is up simply carry on using what you have with no restriction.

Top Notch Support

Your purchase includes swift & comprehensive support for bug fixes and feature requests.

UI Controls

With XUI you get bunch of really quite powerful user interface controls. They are all highly customisable. More are in development.

Code Editor

A fully customisable canvas-based code editor that supports syntax highlighting, autocompletion, undo/redo and capable of supporting any language via custom formatters.

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Source List

This powerful control allows you to replicate the sidebar functionality seen in macOS Finder and the Windows File Explorer or even the Xojo IDE navigator.

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Tab Bar

Tab bars are super common in apps for good reason. Ours supports draggable/closable tabs, optional menu buttons and highly customisable rendering options.

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Tag Canvas

Transforms user-entered text into gorgeous tags. Supports autocompletion, custom parsing and rich appearance manipulation.

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Color Picker

A replacement for Xojo’s ColorPicker. Not only does it permit synchronous (and asynchronous) colour picking on macOS but it’s gorgeous too!

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Color Swatch

A great control for presenting the user with a way to select a colour. Supports customisable visual styles to fit in with any OS and works seamlessly with our Color Picker control.

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Dot Label

A super simple control for showing a pretty coloured dot and optional caption. Great for showing the status of something.

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Image Button

If you want to use an image as a button, this class is for you.

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Text Button

A simple modern and minimalistic text-based button.

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An extremely flexible control that gives you the ability to quickly create an inspector in your apps, similar to the inspector panel in the Xojo IDE.

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There’s more to creating an app that just what the user sees. XUI includes many, many time-saving utility and helper modules & classes. Here are just a few of them.


A 100% CommonMark-compliant Markdown parser that converts Markdown to HTML via a customisable abstract syntax tree and precisely tracks character locations.

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Undo Manager

For managing undo / redo actions in your app.

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In-App Notifications

XUI provides a super easy intra-app mechanism for sending messages between objects in your code.

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Stop Watch

A nifty class for measuring elapsed time.

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Provides a robust mechanism for copying, moving and deleting files.

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XUI Maths

Loads of additional maths methods not provided by the Xojo framework.

XUI Strings

Lots of methods for manipulating strings including rich Unicode support.

TOML Parser

A 100% TOML 1.0.0 compliant parser to convert TOML to a Xojo dictionary and back again.

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Need A Demo?

If you’re not quite sure if XUI is right for you yet, no problem. You can download a comprehensive demo application that showcases a lot of what XUI can do. Alternatively, feel free to take a look at the documentation of the framework to see what it offers.

Purchasing XUI

A license to XUI is valid for 12 months. During that period you get all updates including new features, controls and bug fixes. You also get access to our awesome support system. When your license expires you can continue to use the source code you already have forever. Licenses do not auto renew so you don’t have to worry about being unexpectedly billed.

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