XUI Code Editor

Syntax Highlighting | Themes | Autocompletion | Undo & Redo

XUICodeEditor is a sophisticated Xojo canvas-based desktop control for editing source code including Markdown.

XUICodeEditor is the only code editor you’ll ever need in your apps. If you ever need to display code or markup then this is the control for you. It is one of the most powerful editors out there and is actively developed. We love adding features to this thing so reach out if there’s some functionality you need.

Like several of our text-based controls, XUICodeEditor is a subclass of DesktopTextInputCanvas. Read about this (free) plugin here.


  • Syntax highlighting through the use of formatters. Wren, Markdown and plain text formatters are included but more can be added on request or create your own!
  • Rich theme support that can be saved to disk in TOML format. Change the colour of almost anything in the editor
  • Dark mode support
  • Multiple caret styles
  • Optional block lines
  • Optional delimiter (e.g. parentheses) highlighting
  • Current line highlighting
  • Autocomplete support with example autocomplete engine
  • Customisable autocomplete trigger key
  • Undo / redo engine