XUI Color Picker

Easy to use | Gorgeous | Multiple Palettes

XUIColorPicker is a replacement for Xojo’s implementation of the native OS colour picker control.

Xojo used to provide a simple mechanism for selecting a colour – SelectColor(). This presented the OS colour picker as a modal dialog. For complex reasons this has been replaced with a very complicated and buggy asynchronous mechanism that is a chore to use.

XUIColorPicker simplifies choosing a colour again. It fires events when a colour is changed and can revert back to the starting colour if needed. It is used by XUI controls internally (such as XUIColorSwatch) but is available for your own use.

Since it’s a custom control and is not bound by the native picker, we chose to spruce it up a bit and provide palettes of colours as well as the typical component sliders. 


  • Dark mode support
  • RGB, HSV & CMY component sliders
  • Hex colour code displayed / editable
  • Real time updates when colours changed, even when sliders move
  • Hand crafted tonal palette to help users pick their colour