XUI Inspector

Extensible | Customisable | Dark mode support

XUIInspector is a sophisticated Xojo canvas-based desktop control allowing you to create an inspector panel, similar to what is seen in IDEs and other complex applications.

XUIInspector is a kind of Swiss army knife of controls. It’s a hybrid between a source list and a container control. Inspectors are commonly used in apps to present multiple different control types grouped together into logical sections. A good example of an inspector can be see in the Xojo IDE and other complex apps.

Like several of our controls, XUIInspector is a subclass of DesktopTextInputCanvas. Read about this (free) plugin here.


  • Supports organising controls (items in our parlance) into sections. The framework provides many different types of items such as checkboxes, switches, text fields and buttons
  • Rich styling support. Change the colour of almost anything in the inspector
  • Dark mode support
  • Works cross-platform (macOS, Windows, Linux)
  • If you have the unencrypted version of XUI you can see how easy it is to create your own custom controls for the inspector