XUI Source List

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XUISourceList is an easy to use yet surprisingly flexible and robust source list control.

A source list is a great option for an app’s sidebar. This type of control is used widely throughout macOS (for example in the Finder and Mail.app) and Windows (e.g. Windows Explorer).

XUISourceList is a lovingly created DesktopListBox subclass that is supported on all desktop platforms.


  • Renderers – macOS (Finder / Mail.app) and Windows 11 appearance renderers included. Want a side bar that looks like the Xojo IDE? That’s easy to implement with a custom renderer
  • Tree structure with top level sections each containing unlimited items. Items can contain other items
  • Hierarchical appearance is customisable
  • Optional section and item icons
  • Items are draggable within sections and between sections. You can control this behaviour
  • Custom widget support so you can add pins / sync icons or other indicators to items. They trigger events when clicked
  • Dark mode support
  • Optional item badges which compute the value of all children too
  • Fully customisable colour schemes