XUI Tag Canvas

Autocompletion | Advanced Parsing | Customisable

XUITagCanvas is a deceptively smart text editing control that splits text into tags.

Tags are really useful. They can represent all sorts of data – email addresses, search criteria, etc. You’ve almost certainly come across text fields that transform what you type into a tag, most likely in an email client. The best tag fields will parse the text as you type and only turn it into a tag if it’s valid input. That’s exactly what XUITagCanvas does and it’s awesome.

Like several of our text-based controls, XUITagCanvas is a subclass of DesktopTextInputCanvas. Read about this (free) plugin here.


  • Drawing of the control is handled by a renderer, just like XUISourceList and XUITabBar. Renderers that mimic tag fields on macOS and Windows are included but you can easily write your own
  • Entered text is assessed by a parselet which decides if the text is a valid tag. If it is then a tag is created. Example parselets are included but you may want to write your own app-specific ones
  • Autocomplete support with customisable autocomplete keyboard triggers
  • Dark mode support
  • All colours are customisable
  • Tags can have an optional widget (such as a close icon) that is user-clickable