TOML Version 1.0.0

TOMLKit is a TOML parser for Xojo.

TOMLKit is a 100% TOML version 1.0.0 compliant parser that can convert a TOML file to a Xojo Dictionary and back again.

TOML is a human readable configuration file format created by Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub founder) that I think is much easier to look at than other common formats such as JSON or YAML.

Unlike all other code in the XUI framework, I can’t take credit for this module. TOMLKit is a rewrite / fork of the excellent Xojo-TOML library written by Kem Tekinay (MIT license). I rewrote the code to better fit in with the XUI coding and naming style and also added a few features of my own. One such feature is the ability to save a ColorGroup to a TOML string.

TOMLkit is used throughout XUI. For example, it’s used as the format for XUICodeEditor themes.